How much does it cost for an embroidered logo?


The cost of an embroidered designs varies and is based on number of stitches. When we receive your logo, we will digitize it to determine the number of stitches and then give you a quote.


In what format should I send the logo to you?


We can accept just about any file format – the higher the resolution the better: jpg, bmp, tif, png, cdr, ai, psd, eps, etc.


What is the process of getting something embroidered?


1.We receive your design.


2. The design is digitized.


3. A simulated sew out is sent for approval with a quote.


4. Upon approval and order, the job is completed.


What is the turn around time?


Approximately 10 business days.


What form of payment do you accept?


Cash, check, or major credit card.


Can I bring in my own items to be embroidered?


Absolutely. Due to the fact that the embroidery is done by a machine, a waiver must be signed. We will be extra careful with your item, but a machine is a machine and things sometimes happen.


Does quantity of items to be embroidered affect the price?


No. We give you the lowest price possible regardless of quantity.